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What IS Hope Giver Essentials?

YOU Can Be Part of the Solution for Domestic Abuse

Gather your team and become equipped with the knowledge you need about domestic abuse and how to support those it affects.
Become a Hope Giver because what you don't know CAN hurt someone

Domestic Abuse is Happening to Women at Your Church

1 in 4 women will experience domestic abuse in her lifetime. This includes Christian women with Christian husbands! Do you know what to look for? Does your team have a plan in place that will help a woman in domestic crisis? 

Many women in an abusive relationship go to their faith leaders for help and are given advice meant for women in normal marital conflict. This advice can actually bring further harm. Learn what to say instead! Join the Challenge! >>

What is Hope Giver Essentials?

A free self-paced 4 part video series designed to help you restore hope and bring life to women affected by domestic abuse. As a bonus, the Hope Giver Challenge includes a live Q&A session with Diane Schnickels at the end of the week.

Each video features a true life survivor story to help you gain a clearer understanding of what domestic abuse looks like and how hidden it can be within our faith communities.

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Gather Your Team

Hope Giver Essentials is, well, essential for everyone on your leadership team - from deacons, elders, women's leaders to the prayer team. This crucial information is needed by anyone a woman in crisis might confide in.

Set aside 30 minutes during lunch for a week to watch a video or gather your team together for an afternoon and watch all 4 at once - the choice is yours!  Just don't miss out on this great opportunity for your team to gain the information they need to change the lives of the women in your church!  Join the Challenge! >>


A self-paced 4-part video series designed to help you be a safer and more knowledgeable support person to someone impacted by domestic abuse.


  • (4) 30 minute videos
  • Worksheets
  • Zoom Q&A at the end of the week


Too many of our Christian sisters are being unintentionally wounded by their untrained faith leaders and friends. Sadly, this can cause women to leave their church...and sometimes their faith.

YOU can be the one who can help restore her hope and dignity.

Topics Covered

  • WHY Do I Need to Know About Domestic Abuse?
  • WHAT Do I Need to Know About Domestic Abuse?
  • HOW Can I Know if Domestic Abuse Is Taking Place?
  • HOW Do I Respond as a Hope Giver?
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Encourage one another and build each other up.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

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