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Your life feels confusing, scary and you aren't sure what to do

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Healing from a controlling partner can feel overwhelming

If you don't have good support, you might feel

unsafe & alone

like no one understands you

unsure of what God wants you to do

Carol said, "I was full of confusion from my abusive husband... very depressed, feeling hopeless, stripped of value, and unsupported. I was afraid of my husband and felt completely powerless against him and the way he controlled my life."

Does that sound familiar? Do you wish you knew what to do?

The Oasis Bible Study can guide you to a place of hope and healing. Find a class>>

Take your first steps toward overcoming confusion & conflict in your family relationships with God's help

You have been suffering in silence. Trying to make your marriage better. Nothing you do seems to work.

The Oasis Bible Study can empower you by:

  • explaining the dynamics of abuse and how it keeps you trapped in unhealthy cycles
  • sharing what¬†healthy boundaries are and how to set them
  • reassuring you that you aren't going against God's will -¬†it isn't selfish to take care of yourself

You don't have to do it alone! Community is waiting for YOU!

"I am in awe at how God is using the Oasis Bible Study to bring so much healing into my life! Meeting with a group of other women who are going through the same types of things is very healing!"


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I'm Diane Schnickels

I understand how hard it can be as a Christian woman looking for support for in unhealthy relationship. Your friends, family, and faith leaders might not understand how to help you heal from the wounds of betrayal and abuse you have experienced.

This is why I created the Oasis Bible Study books and online support groups. I felt the Lord call me to create a resource for you with His Word and the truth about abuse. I am praying for you to find His hope, peace, and the knowledge you are His beloved daughter. Join an Oasis Class >>

"The Oasis Bible Study is helping me take out pieces that didn't fit and use what God intended. I'm very thankful for Oasis and the core biblical truths it taught me."

- Lori

"I am amazed at your ability to put into words the many emotions and struggles of an individual dealing with the impact of domestic violence."

- Pam

"I believe The Oasis Bible Study has changed the entire outcome of my life and put in perspective the power that God gives me to ensure that His creation (me) is always treated with respect and value." 

- Kim

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