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Interview with Georgene Rice

On March 27, 2024, Diane was blessed to be on the Georgene Rice Show on 93.9 KPDQ in Portland, OR. 

Interview with Georgene Rice

Healing from a controlling partner can feel overwhelming

If you don't have good support, you...

Are Afraid to Tell Others

Are Walking on Eggshells

Feel Alone

Your Plan for Becoming a Woman of Worth and Dignity

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You will find a safe place to belong and be heard in a safe, confidential community of like-minded women led by a caring facilitator.

Learn the Truth

You'll gain clarity and answers about how to navigate your situation as you learn the truth about abuse and related biblical principles.

Start Healing

You will be amazed at your increased self-confidence, inner strength, and ability to move from surviving to thriving.

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 "I am in awe at how God is using the Oasis Bible Study to bring so much healing into my life! Thank you so much for your great work!!!

Meeting as a group with other women who are going through the same types of things is very healing."



knowing the right thing to say can be challenging 

Without understanding domestic abuse, you...

Are not sure what to say

Are not sure what to say

May lose the relationship

Your Plan for Becoming a Safe and Confident Support Person/Faith Leader

Get Educated

 Too many women are being re-victimized by faith leaders and friends. Education is the solution to prevent further harm.

Give Wise Counsel

Be prepared to give words of hope when a woman opens up to you. Learn what women need to hear (and NOT to hear).

Change Lives

When you understand domestic abuse you have the power to transform a life. You can help a woman go from surviving to thriving.

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