A Safety Plan Can Save Your Life

"I remember doing (Lesson 5, Bk 1) a year ago after I had just separated from my husband. I believed that he would never do the harmful things to me listed in this lesson. I packed my little bag of clothes as a safety measure and pretended I was unsafe. Just last week I had to file a restraining order because he was behaving in a way I never thought he would, and it was very unsafe for my little daughters and me.

All of a sudden what felt like pretend before became very real" - Christy

Printable Safety Plan - for Adults
Printable Safety Plan - for Teens

Are you wondering what domestic abuse is?

Domestic Abuse is a "pattern of coercive behavior used by one person to control and subordinate another in an intimate relationship. These behaviors may include physical, sexual, psychological, and economic abuse."

There is cyclical pattern to this behavior causing false hope and confusion for any woman. This cycle of behavior is designed to keep you in the relationship...and keep you silent. Each phase is essentially a type of manipulation because abuse is a choice otherwise, he would be acting this way outside of your home. 

Cycle of Abuse

There is no excuse for abuse. It is not your fault

The Power and Control Wheels can help you see the pattern of abuse and help you begin to find clarity. 

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