Is your relationship confusing? Do you suspect it is abusive? 

Our Emotional Abuse Test can help clear confusion and be your first step on a journey of regaining hope.

8 Ways to Find Clarity

These steps promote growth and progress
  1. Accept that abuse is happeneing, and that it is NOT your fault.
  2. Understand the tactics used to gain and maintain power and control over you.
  3. Identify narcissistic traits, like the lack of guilt or shame for what they say or do.
  4. Change your responses to the Cycle of Abuse to help minimize its effects.
  5. Learn all you can about domestic abuse through books, videos, and classes (like the Oasis Support Classes).
  6. Pull together a support system of safe and trusted individuals (ask them to take Hope Giver Essentials so they can understand what you are experiencing).
  7. Seek professional help from a trained counselor
  8. Lean on God and His truth in all things.