Understand Domestic Abuse

Find clarity by learning more about abuse

How do you tell the difference between abuse and just regular ups & downs in a relationship?

Domestic Abuse is a "pattern of coercive behavior used by one person to control and subordinate another in an intimate relationship. These behaviors may include physical, sexual, psychological, and economic abuse."

There is a cycle to the abuse that gives false hope. The relationship goes from calm, loving "normal" to tense leading to a scary/confusing episode which transitions back into calm. This is called the Cycle of Abuse.

This cycle of behavior is designed to keep you in the relationship...and keep you silent. Each phase is essentially a type of manipulation because abuse is a choice otherwise, he would be acting this way outside of your home.

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Four Important Facts to Remember


1. Abuse is not your fault

2. You don't deserve to be treated in this way.

3. Abuse is NOT normal marriage conflict.

4. Left on its own, abusive behavior will get progressively worse over time.

Tools for Understanding Abuse

The Power and Control Wheel describes the behaviors mentioned the definition of domestic violence in more detail.

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