Domestic Abuse Awareness Tools

Raise Awareness and Help Women Find Hope

Digital Resources

Begin to create a safer church today with these downloadable resources

Graphic for Bulletin

Insert this graphic into your church bulletin to let women know about the Oasis Bible Study

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Announcement Slide

Use this slide in your church announcements to share about upcoming Oasis Support Classes

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High Quality Printed FREE Materials

These printed resources can be used in a variety of ways to educate and raise awareness.

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Oasis Support Class Flyers with Tear Off Tabs

Place these on the back of the women's restroom stall doors. These flyers allow women to find support in a private way.

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Domestic Abuse Awareness Poster

These posters are great on bulletin boards to help raise awareness about the serious issue of domestic abuse.

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Double sided rackcard can be displayed to let people know about Living Waters of Hope.

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Oasis Bible Study Business Card

These cards let women about the Oasis Bible Study. There is nothing noting domestic abuse on them so they are safe to give to women who might be living in a dangerous situation but still lets them know about the support classes. 



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More Domestic Abuse Resources

Tangible ways to support a woman in crisis. 

What You Need to Know