What does abuse look like in a Christian marriage?

When your husband uses Scripture to manipulate and control you, it is confusing, disorienting, and makes it difficult to know what God wants for you. Take a look at these examples and see if any of them look familiar.

If they do, The Oasis Bible Study can help you untangle lies and manipulation to find God's truth FOR you and ABOUT you.

It can be hard to accept that you are in an abusive marriage.

But you need to in order to begin healing and gaining clarity. What else can you do?

  • Acknowledge that it is not your fault.
  • Understand the tactics used to gain and maintain power and control over you.
  • Identify narcissistic traits, like the lack of guilt or shame for what they do or say.
  • Change your responses to the Cycle of Abuse to help minimize its effects.
  • Learn all you can about domestic abuse through books, videos, and classes (like the Oasis Bible Study classes).
  • Pull together a support system of safe & trusted individuals (have them learn about domestic abuse).
  • Seek professional help from a trained counselor, if possible.
  • Lean on God and His truth in all things.