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Hope Giver Essentials

Be equipped with the knowledge you need about domestic abuse and how to support those it affects.  

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Obstacles to Leaving

Understand the many challenges women in abusive relationships face when deciding whether to stay or leave.

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Faith Leaders

Safe Church Training for Faith Leaders

This training for church leaders gives an overview of domestic abuse and how to be a safe church. Training is virtual unless in the local Portland, Oregon area.

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Healthy Teen & Tween Relationship Series

A Christ centered 3-part series to help teens clearly understand what healthy relationships look like and what the warning signs are for unhealthy relationships

Prevent future abuse through education!

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Facilitator Training

Become an Oasis Bible Study Facilitator for LWOH

Training to become a facilitator for our Oasis Bible Study online support classes. Make a difference on a national level.

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Become an Independent Facilitator in your area

Learn how to facilitate an in-person Oasis Bible Stud Support class for women in your area. Make a difference locally!

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Oasis Bible Study Video Lessons 

No Support Class or Book Included

For survivors: If you are unable to attend one of our online Oasis Bible Study classes, you are welcome to purchase the videos to do on your own as a companion to using the Oasis Bible Study books.   

For Support People interested in leading an independent Oasis Bible Study class: We highly recommend using our Facilitator Training course (above) which includes every Oasis Bible Study Video Lesson. However, if you feel confident in leading a group of women affected by domestic abuse and wish to purchase just the video lessons, we have made them available to purchase on their own.

Oasis Bible Study - Book 1

video lessons only - no support class

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Oasis Bible Study - Book 2

video lessons only - no support class

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Oasis Bible Study Book 3

videos lesson only - no support class

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Oasis Bible Study Books

No Classes or Videos Included

For survivors: We recommend also doing the online Oasis Bible Study classes to go with the books. 

Oasis Bible Study - Book 1

Restoring Hope and Dignity

Take your first steps to understand confusion and conflict in your marital relationship with God's help.

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Oasis Bible Study - Book 2

Finding Truth and Strength

Find clarity and strength as you continue your recovery journey and make significant decision about your future.

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Oasis Bible Study Book 3

Embracing Growth and Resilience

Gain a better understanding of the deeper issues of domestic abuse recovery. Trauma, life after divorce, and the unfairness of it all.

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