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Help Teens Know About Healthy Relationships

Order your free professionally printed Healthy Teen Relationship Posters. There are 2 versions - 1 for church/faith based locations and 1 that can be displayed in public/secular locations.

Give the teens in your life information they need to recognize unhealthy/healthy relationships and avoid future abuse. 

If you would like to print and handout copies to the teens in your life, we have provided pdfs of both versions for you to download and print. Find them below.

Order Your Professionally Printed Teen Posters 

Order up to 5 each to display in youth rooms, bulletin boards, and bathrooms. For a downloadable pdf to print and handout, please scroll down to images below.

Teen Dating Abuse Resource Page

Resources for teens to learn more about what abuse looks like, including a downloadable Teen Safety Plan 

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Faith Based Healthy Relationships Poster

Download this poster to print and handout to your youth group or other Christian organization. 

Download Printable PDF

Secular Healthy Relationships Poster

Download this poster to print and handout for public school or other non-faith based organization. 

Download Printable PDF