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3 Things a Woman Loses When Trapped in a Cycle of Abuse

domestic abuse effects of domestic abuse oasis bible study understand domestic abuse Jan 28, 2024

A healthy relationship is one where self esteem is built up, opinions are freely shared and discussed, and trust is established. Oppression takes place when these life-giving elements of a relationship are missing due to abuse. When this happens, women in those unhealthy relationships or marriages suffer many losses, however, let's talk about 3 of the most significant losses a woman may experience. 

1. Loss of Clarity

Confusion replaces clarity after so many unpredictable responses and behaviors. On one hand, a husband is displaying loving behavior in a calm environment, but on the other hand he can become very demeaning and shaming. Along with the loss of clarity is the loss of trust because he says he loves her yet emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and sometimes, physically harms her.

This cyclical behavior becomes more easily understood through learning more about the Cycle of Abuse. 

2. Loss of Voice

Another technique used to control a woman is to keep her from expressing her concerns and opinions. The abuser could use anger, intimidation, threats, silent treatment, and the like. See the Power and Control Wheel. After so many endless and irrational arguments, it is just easier and safer for a woman not to share her concerns, opinions, or thoughts unless the line up with his.

2. Loss of Self

When a woman experiences confusion in a relationship combined with the need to silence her voice, she begins to lose the essence of who she is. She eventually loses the words and connection to her own heart in order to survive and keep the peace in her marriage.

I hope you now understand more clearly what domestic abuse does to a woman. This is just the tip of a very large iceberg. The main goal of the Oasis Bible Study is to restore hope and dignity to women through God's truth. When they learn the truth about domestic abuse, the confusion clears, their voice is found, and their self worth is restored as they realize who they are in Christ.  

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