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4 Ways to Show Love to Domestic Abuse Survivors

domestic abuse give hope support survivors Feb 12, 2024

Valentines Day can be a difficult day for a woman that has experienced relationship abuse. This day can trigger painful memories, remind her of her loss and make her feel alone. 

As a Hope Giver, you can help redeem this day for her! 

1. LET HER KNOW YOU CARE - send her a card, give her a call, bring her flowers, drop off a small gift.  A little kindness can go a long way!

2. LET HER KNOW SHE IS NOT ALONE - set up a coffee date or a girls night out or invite her to a family gathering you are hosting. Even 30 minutes can remind her that she is important and belongs!

3. ASK WHAT SHE MIGHT NEED HELP WITH - is there something at home that needs to be repaired? Does her grass need to be mowed? A small act of service can mean the world!

4. GIVE A GIFT OF LOVE- donate to the Oasis Scholarship Fund. Some women are struggling to make ends meet. Remove a financial barrier and give her the freedom to find hope and healing.



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