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Churches Should Be a Safe Place for Domestic Abuse Victims...Are They?

christian domestic abuse christian husband christian marriage help christian wife domestic abuse resource safe churches Jun 30, 2023

If a woman in domestic crisis came to your church for help, do you think she would find a staff prepared to help her? Or would she receive unintentionally harmful advice?

When Carol sought help at her church, she didn't find it. Here is a snippet of her story.

When I sought help from my church, the answers were "You need to have dinner together,", "You need to pour him a cold drink when he comes home". They didn't explain why my life was a living hell. The Oasis Bible Study is a safe place where women can be understood, get help, and find strength to make changes.

This Bible Study brought me to a place of sanity. Oasis taught me what was going on. With no hope for change escalating abuse, I filed for divorce. The divorce escalated the abuse. I followed the Lord's leading. I could only have made it through with God's help, my family and my dear friends from Oasis. - Carol

Stories like Carol's are, unfortunately, common. With 1 in 3 women experiencing abuse, there are women in your church right now who are suffering. one easy step to help them is to make sure, the restroom stalls have Oasis Support Group flyers. Order your free resources today 

Donna, another survivor, wanted to share what can happen when a church is unsafe for victims.

  1. Victim is retraumatized by not receiving the support she needs.
  2. The unchanged abuser is not made to take responsibility/held accountable for his abuse and effect of abuse.
  3. Victim suffers loss of what she thought to be genuine, loving, Christ-centered relationships with her church family.

These deep wounds are not the only devastating effects from an unsafe church but give a quick insight into how a church might increase suffering instead of alleviate it. For Donna, she felt she had to leave her church in hopes of finding one that is safe and supportive.

Some women feel so betrayed by their pastor, church leaders, and church family that not only is their faith shaken but also…they never return to a church. This breaks God’s heart!


Is your church safe and supportive for our wounded sisters?

 Are you?

 If you or your church would like more resources and trainings please   check out our resources page >>>


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