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3 Things a Woman Gains When Hope Is Restored

domestic abuse effects of domestic abuse give hope hope giver essentials oasis bible study understand domestic abuse Jan 28, 2024

In another article, we talked about the devastating losses experienced as a result of harmful behavior from a husband with a need for power and control. Today, let's look at the flip side... what can happen when women receive support and are able to heal.

Here are 3 "Restorative Gains" that you can help bring to those in your life. as you read through this list, please ask God how He wants to use you to bring hope into someone's life.

You will be surprised how easy it is to help restore part of the significant losses for someone you may know.

1. Loss of Clarity Truth Clarified 

God's Word clearly establishes right from wrong, appropriate, and healthy from unhealthy. Remind her of His truth!

The facts about abuse can bring an "aha moment" to clarify what abuse is and the tactics used. Sometimes a wounded sister doesn't even know she is in a controlling marriage.

Can you share the truth about how God tells us to treat each other? Yes! Can you share some of the facts about abuse you have learned through Living Waters of Hope? Absolutely!

2. Loss of Voice Confidence Encouraged

After years of being silenced by angry reactions (loud or silent, aggressive or passive), shaming, and blaming, it is not easy to find the words to speak with confidence. However, that confidence will grow with your support! Slowly, a wounded sister will find her voice to speak out against the habitual sinful behavior towards her. She will also gain in confidence as she stands on God's Word.

She has been in the darkness and your words are truly a source of hope and encouragement for her to have the confidence to find her voice again.

Caution: If she is still with her husband and he has highly aggressive tendencies, silence about opinions contrary to his may be the safest plan for her right now. Safety is always a priority! But that doesn't mean she has to endure his abuse. Many women pray about whether or not God wants them to live in a safer place in order to find true healing while waiting to see if their husbands get the help they need!

3. Loss of Self Value Affirmed

Emotionally and spiritually raising a wounded sister up from a place of hopelessness, self-doubt, and invalidation takes time. Life-giving words spoken to her will help to replace deadness and numbness.

Remind her of the wonderful qualities you see in her. Let her know that you believe in her. Remind her of how God sees her no matter how she sees herself.

Many women go through a period of re-discovering who they are, like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon! Therefore, it is important to giver her the space and time to find her way out. Speak words of worth and value as she rediscovers the amazing woman God has created her to be! 

Good News!

Even though there are women in your life right now suffering, unsure of what to believe and who to trust - with God's help, YOU have the ability to help them. You can bring clarity and truth, build their confidence, and restore their worth and value. This is what a support person does...they give hope. In other words, as a support person, you are Hope Giver! 

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